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You can use GOYO’s retreat planning and promoting services expertise in 2 ways.

1. Use our Studio/Teacher Partner Package Program

2. Use our Booking Services

1. Studio/Teacher PARTNER Package Program

Not sure where you want to GOYO? We have packaged together many trip destinations for you to choose from. Part of putting a retreat together on your own is not having the time or resources to “scout out” the locations. We take the unknown out of the equation for you and your guests. This creates a quality experience for all, and GOYO is able to arrange every detail for you and your guests AT NO EXTRA COST FOR YOU. You don’t have to put your credit card down to reserve anything. GOYO will do it all for you if you pick from our partner packages.

With this Partner Program, our booking services and promotional services are completely FREE to you the retreat facilitator.

In addition, we provide your studio with GOYO Swag, marketing artwork and valuable customer service to your attendees, all so that you don’t have to quit your day job to get your retreat off the ground.

We can guarantee an instructor pay for your retreat as well. All you need to do is rally your friends and show up!

Here’s What Else You Get…

Reach Greater Networks

Combine our networks to reach more people which will provide more people with the opportunity to indulge in a life changing, unforgettable experience.

Print Advertising

GOYO is about creating community. We are in partnership with YOGA + LIFE Magazine and we feature all our events in print. We have access to Colorado, Minnesota, New York, Seattle-Portland, California magazines and this network is growing rapidly online.

Internet Advertising

  • GOYO will feature your event/retreat in the following ways:
  • Personal linked retreat page on the website.
  • SEO friendly pages.
  • Social Media marketing
  • Flyers as needed for your studio.
  • Featured Email blasts to expansive network.

Keeping in touch

GOYO will provide an extensive questionnaire to all attendees post event/retreat, as well as a follow up phone call to just keep in touch, hear about their experience, and provide you with quantitative data and metrics to use for future planning!

Receive Swag items

Give your clients something to remind them of your unforgettable event/retreat. GOYO gear will be provided to all your attendees and group leaders. Spread the word. More items available soon for purchase!

2. Want to use our Booking Services?

Do you already have a retreat planned that you need help promoting and booking? We can also offer you the ability to use our marketing channels above and place your already planned event on this website and in our ad campaigns. We carefully qualify the retreat leader to make sure we can fully represent your retreat in a booking & customer service relationship and will also ask you some questions to make sure you have all your details covered. Once this is line, we offer a booking program for a 10% fee. This fee is non-refundable, so you should price your retreat accordingly.

All booking clients will also receive GOYO Swag which is a nice way for your retreat goers to remember their time with you.


GOYO Adventures

We partner with organizations and people that encompass and define who we are and influence us as individuals. From experience we have found that planning and leading a retreat is a lot of work, and sometimes not as financially rewarding after the many hours we put into it. Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy the beauty of your retreat and make a profit from it. Juli, Emily, and the team at GOYO adventures aim to provide you with world class customer service expanding your networks in many ways to allow you to focus on being completely present during your retreat, creating an unforgettable experience. While you are able to use the assets of GOYO’s website, marketing channels, registration, and dedicated customer service.


If you are interested in Hosting a Retreat or using our Booking Services, please fill out the form below and receive our GOYO Planner’s Info Packet for FREE!

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Thanks for your interest in partnering with GOYO! We are a small company and look forward to working with other small companies, groups and individuals to help leverage our impact. It is so very important to us to partner with the right people and the right locations. So we WILL be in touch!