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It’s all about marketing. We have access to tens of thousands of readers and online subscribers through our media partner Yoga + Life Magazines. When you choose to work with GOYO you area also working with YOGA + LIFE. We have discovered some amazing smaller, mom & pop locations all over the world. When you are an owner of one these properties, you are passionate about what you do. However, marketing and social media usually fall by the wayside due to the need for you to be involved in all your daily operations. GOYO wants to bring amazing people on amazing experiences to amazing locations around the world. When we partner up, we all succeed!

Take a peek at a recent issue of Yoga + LIFE and look for the GOYO AD!



We will qualify your property based on a site visit to learn about the possibilities for packaging a retreat at your location. If you are already hosting retreats successfully, a site visit may not be necessary. We will assess your needs and goals and put a package together for you to promote to our teachers and outreach.

All GOYO Partner Properties are also sent GOYO Swag for staff to solidify the branding partnership with our attendees!

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Thanks for your interest in partnering with GOYO! We are a small company and look forward to working with other small companies, groups and individuals to help leverage our impact. It is so very important to us to partner with the right people and the right locations. So we WILL be in touch!


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