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GOYO Adventures works with a variety of highly-qualified professionals, teachers, guides, coaches, motivators, and adventure outfitters. The individuals below represent our GOYO Hosted Retreats Leaders. We also work with partners all over the globe to help provide other teachers the opportunity to host their own retreats through the partnerships of GOYO and our Global Adventures.

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IMG_8413Emily Steingart

Co-founder of GOYO adventures and currently residing in Breckenridge, Colorado where I am the marketing manager and yoga teacher at Meta Yoga Studios. I provide a class that is tailored to your needs whether it be to gain relief from chronic pain, facilitate injury recovery, improve flexibility, reduce stress, improve well-being, ease depression, or simply retain your youthfulness and energy.

Feeling blessed to have been raised in a family where travel was just as important as brushing our teeth, I have learned many things along the way…the desire to connect, explore, and step out of my comfort zone. These experiences have led me to wonderful locations, amazing trainings, and the ability to meet lovely and inspiring people along the way. They have also provided me with a cultural understanding, with the ability to provide helpful information and flexibility when working with clients.

My true passion lies in the efforts to combine travel and humanitarian work. I have traveled to Haiti with YogaHOPE offering the TIMBo training, which brings elements of safe touch, healing through experience and awareness to communities in need. My personality is expressed through my teachings and my travel experiences have created a greater awareness and acceptance with every encounter I make.

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Juli RathkejulirathkelowresHdshot

We show and tell real stories about real people in YOUR community with a philanthropic effort whenever possible. Everyone has a story to tell, a message to share, and a gift to give – and I want to help provide that platform to even the least expecting people but usually the most deserving.

Other than being from Minnesota originally (ohyeahyoubetchya) I’m am a Colorado transplant. Work for me isn’t like work anymore, after teaching for over 20+ years, having been on Outside Television, traveling the world, raising 3 children, as an entrepreneur and business strategist with a side of yoga-mom-skier-runner-fashionista-travel girl, I am always looking for that next amazing opportunity – but for others. Some have called me a “manifesting machine”. I love the challenge to live up to this title and truly enjoy helping others find their “machine” as well!

I find my personal/energetic connection with individuals can be quite profound and enjoy offering retreats, leading online trainings at yogamentors.com, executive consulting and coaching, lifestyle mentoring, business boot camps, as well as keynote/presenter at various conferences all the while teaching yoga and fitness classes in my home studio in Breckenridge, Colorado as well as around the world as I travel. There are a lot of ways we can work together! Read more about Juli, at www.julirathke.com.

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Kellyn Glynn

Social Media and Group Sales.  Living in Breckenridge is a dream come true. Since my teens, I’ve talked about my desire to live in the mountains of Colorado. Originally from the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, I have been raised on camping trips, family adventures, taking the “scenic route”, and laughing as hard as you can every day.

Having been raised with compassion and a strong sense of love in the world, I developed an understanding and appreciation for the impact of lasting relationships and connections with others. My path lead to a career as a Licensed Professional Counselor. Through that work, I also discovered the profound impact of yoga. Starting out as a way to relieve physical pain and increase flexibility, my practice developed into so much more. Not a teacher, but an endless student of yoga, I see the benefits in my body, in my mind, and in my ability to appreciate the world around me.





Laura Loewy

Laura found yoga while living next to the Teton National Park, of Wyoming in 2012. There she fostered a deep meditation and solo yoga practice that took her into the mountains, rivers, and valleys of the wilderness. Upon finishing her 200 hour yoga teacher she was determined to bring her connection with the outdoors to her yoga practice inside. Laura combines her awareness of the natural world with a strong and invigorating vinyasa power flow. She focuses on breath, body awareness, and surrendering to the sensations that make you feel alive. Backcountry Yoga






Christina McGrath

Hosted Retreat Leader. Christina learned early that traveling is one of her strongest passions. She shares her time between Breckenridge, CO and New Zealand, but has ventured to many other parts of the world including Australia, Cook Islands, Bali, Java, Sumatra, Thailand, Nepal, India, Malaysia, Fiji, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Nicaragua.  Her experience traveling gives her extensive knowledge of other cultures and provides her with wisdom and adaptability when working with clients no matter what their background.

Christina hosts retreats in Bali and New Zealand encompassing yoga, surfing, stand up paddle boarding, massage and clean eating.

She also has a degree from Integrative Nutrition, where she has solidified her education and knowledge in over 100 different dietary theories. All year, you’ll find Christina traveling the world from NZ to the US educating others thru wellness workshops – incorporating yoga, fitness, food, and natural health care.


11903918_10207550747030771_4981248379841388816_nJennifer Grubba

Retreat Leader. Jennifer is a MA, Eds, and 200-RYT, she is a School Psychologist, the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of MN Yoga + Life Magazine, and the Founder of Blue Lotus Yoga Retreats. She holds a Master’s Degree in Developmental Psychology, and an Educational Specialist degree in Educational Psychology.

Jennifer teaches yoga at events, conferences, in corporate settings, studios, gyms, to individuals, and has at retreats in Jamaica, Sedona, and Puerto Vallarta. Over half of her retreat clients are repeat customers!  She is passionate about yoga as a lifestyle by which to foster physical, spiritual and mental health and is driven to make the benefits of yoga accessible to practitioners of all levels. Jennifer is eager to help others access the healing and transformative powers of yoga.  Live your yoga off your mat find your authentic self.


Karli Kuruz10405438_10155156094790013_6711570225094119672_n

Retreat Leader. Karli is a multi-style certified yoga instructor who believes that yoga provides the tools for clearing away stress and balancing the polar energies within ourselves and our relationship to the world around us allowing us to live in a state of harmony. Her training was completed in the Northern Himalayas of India where she learned the holistic influence that yoga has on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms of our reality from both traditional Western & Eastern perspectives. Yoga has allowed Karli to move away from an anxiety-driven lifestyle to a lifestyle of acceptance and appreciation of the cycles that adorn our lives. Karli’s mission in her yoga classes and retreat experiences is to provide a uniquely authentic experience that is created from reciprocal teacher-student relationships where everyone is equal and everyone is free to show up exactly as they are in each given moment. Karli has been on a travelling journey that has brought her to experiences of uncertainty, change and adventure. All of which have brought her to unimaginable new heights. She is excited to share this journey with you!

fbMindy Pistacchio

Retreat Leader. Mindy began the practice in an attempt to aid my insomnia. Instead, she found an amazing practice in which she could play and explore my body. Yoga stayed fairly physical for her for the first few years as she used it as a way to train for surfing, snowboarding, and whatever other sport she was up to at the time. In 2007, Mindy started my Master’s degree in Environmental Education, and yoga became “me time.” My practice began to change from a physical workout into a place for her to unwind. Mindy started to feel the stress leave my body after practicing.

In 2010, she began my first teacher training. Over the past five years, she has completed over 400 hours of Hatha training, and has had the opportunity to teach everything from paddleboard yoga to kid’s yoga and everything in between. Mindy loves combining her background of environmental education and yoga and immersing people in nature.  Her classes are light and playful and designed to help others feel young.


PLPenny Light

Hosted Retreat Leader. Penny is a Life Adventure Guide and is dedicated to the notion that all people have the ability within to live happier and healthier lives, simply by living life light. Penny is a Certified Life Coach and a Certified Mindful Eating Practitioner however she is first and truly a Life Adventure Expert. Penny has traveled most of the world including living in a tent in the middle of the African bush for a year with a pride of lions… yup, that’s true.

Penny believes that life is one great big adventure, even more so when we say yes and show up to it honestly and courageously. Adventure travel has always been the primary means of her continuous search for a better self. She believes that stepping out of our comfort zones and going on adventures raises our tolerance for uncertainty. Placing ourselves in situations where things don’t always go as planned, such as on an adventure trip — helps us learn to cope with the uncertainties in life of which there is no shortage. Penny’s aspiration is to bring to others what travel has brought to her, a new way of seeing not just the world but ourselves as we exist on this planet, to learn the always inevitable lessons and that letting go is a necessity for survival, longevity and health and of course the beautiful connections made in human kindness along the way.