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Liberated by Light – Rita Flemming

14996567_795143370398_1799897980_nDaily mind, body, spirit integration with life time long practitioner of alignment through yoga, and experienced instructors in sound healing, sweat lodge and regenerative detoxification. Fasting for two days on fruits and coconuts in silence, while practicing subtle alignment, meditation, and nature immersion. Spend time in the pristine wilderness, and connect with your greater potential, purpose and gifts. The Diamante center is located “at the most spectacular waterfalls in southern Costa Rica.”

Daily yoga, meditation, preparatory pranayama, sound healing, sweat lodge, raw foods, experiential regenerative detoxification, vision fast, waterfalls, jungle, beach day, community, transportation included.

80-100% Raw organic foods with two days of fruit and coconut water fasting.


Dates:  Febuary 12th-17th
Group Size: 10
Locations: Costa Rica
Activities: Daily Yoga, SUP, Healthy food
Airport: San Jose, Costa Rica

Accommodations: The Diamante Center

Your Guide:

11951213_728323847258_183422312528632101_nRita Flemming

Rita is an Artist, Activist, Writer, Steward of the Land, Protector of Spring Water and Indigenous Rights, Regenerative Detoxification Specialist, a life-long Practitioner of the Ancient Patanjali Studies of Subtle Awareness and an Instructor for fifteen years, Certified Iridologist, Land-based/Plant-based Culinary Artist, Self-studied Ethnobotanical Researcher, Rites of Passage Mentor, Full-Potential Activator, and a Student of Life.

When Rita was nineteen, she was told she may never walk again, due to a severe car accident. Rita throughly believed in the power of regeneration through alignment. Through her subtle practice of union, (yoga) she taught herself how to walk again. She studied Regenerative Detoxification under Dr. Robert Morse in order to regrow her spine and to eliminate pain from her tissues. Rita teaches regeneration through the cultivation of alignment. The elimination of pain, obstructions, and inherited weaknesses from the body through an alkaline, high-fruit based diet, incorporating herbs, and optimal food combination for proper absorption, digestion utilization, and elimination. Rita Jean and her sister Mary Beth, work together to create summer programs for children and teens; with the goal of accessing one’s greater human potential through self study and subtle awareness. Cultivating lifelong habits of success, joy, health, wisdom, creativity, and solution based thinking. Aloha, Inner-Peace, and Joy to All.

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  • Daily morning and afternoon yoga
  • Group meditations
  • Epic nature hikes
  • Outdoor yoga
  • Daily exploration and swimming in waterfalls
  • Stunning views overlooking the valley
  • Learn about self regeneration
  • Sweat lodge, vision fast on fruits and silence, sound healing, nature spa, community gathering and celebration.
  • Integrate into community, self, gifts and offerings to the world.  


 $1,288 before January 12th, $1,388 after January 12th.

50% non refundable deposit due at sign up.

Whats included:

  •  Transportation
  • Lodging
  • Food
  • Daily activities
  • Yoga

 Whats not included:

  • Airfare
  • Hotel the night before retreat
  • Surfing at additional cost