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Selfless Service Retreat: Haiti I Kristin O’Connell


Experience something new for you and help start something new for Haitian children! Join the Devoted to Children Foundation on a Yoga Retreat where your trip cost is a charitable donation!

Dive deep into your heart, while embraced by this colorful country and be a part of creating something positive for many little souls impacted by Devoted 2 Children.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn about and experience local Haitian culture — a culture infused with art, community and music, meet the amazing children living in our family home, work with the community on local service projects and meet with local community members.  But don’t worry, it’s not all work and no play…Cayes Jacmel is surrounded by lovely beaches and there will be plenty of  time to enjoy the beauty of Haiti. Group excursions include visiting the infamous blue waterfall and the artisan galleries of Jacmel.


Dates: April 2017
Group Size: 10
Locations: Cayes Jacmel, Haiti
Activities: Yoga,  Cultural Experience, Local Food, and more.
Airport: Port au Prince, Haiti
Accommodation: Cyvadier Hotel

D2C Seva Volunteer Trip Application

Your Guides:

 Kristin  O’ConnellKristin

On a trip to Haiti in May 2012 (I was volunteering as a midwife for 3 weeks in a birth center), I had a serendipitous encounter with a Haitian humanitarian who shared his vision of an orphanage with me. This kind man had been looking after a group of orphans since the 2010 earthquake. On his own, he had been providing these abandoned kids with a place to go for afternoon activities. These children, having either lost their parents in the earthquake or as a result of disease from the aftermath, were lucky if they had one small meal a day, clothes to wear or a piece of cloth to sleep on. Since then, this man had struggled to keep them off the streets and give them any resources that he could.

As I was told story after story of the desperate situation at hand, I realized I had been given a life-changing opportunity. I knew I had two choices; either I could return home simply thankful for my experience in Haiti, or I could take a leap of faith and help this man fulfill his vision. In that moment of truth I knew my answer… at the very least I had to try.

As a mother, wife, midwife, yoga teacher, and friend who has been fortunate to have an abundant life… how could I walk away from this situation where I knew I could make a difference? How could I abandon these children who have nothing and no one? Would you?

And so I started Devoted to Children…


• 7:00am: Morning Yoga 

• 8:00am: Group Breakfast at hotel 

• 9:00am: Excursion

• 12:00pm: Lunch 

• 4:00pm: Relax, Beach, Pool time 

• 6:30pm: Dinner at hotel 




  • The trip cost of $2300, including your security deposit covers all ground expenses in Haiti, excluding airfare & gratuities.
  • $500 non refundable deposit due at signing
  • From the total cost of this trip, $1700 will go towards supporting the children of the D2C orphanage and other community projects. Once you have reached this goal you get to experience it’s value in person, so get ready to join the D2C team in Haiti!

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D2C Seva Volunteer Trip Application